Do you want a charity that can bring you closer to endangered animals? Then the Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT) is the one for you. It’s goal is to get you working directly with projects in the UK and across the worldso that you can learn and contribute to animals that are on the brink of extinction.

REACT does this in a three ways:

  • we inform you about ways in which you can contribute every day, whether it is by signing a petition or making consumer choices, through Facebook or Twitter;
  • we let you know how you can volunteer in projects across the world; by working in cooperation with other organisations or by setting up projects oursleves;
  • give you the opportunity to fundraise money for endangered animals;

REACT works with many organisations in different parts of the world. Every year, we select certain species and concentrate on helping you connect to them. This year, we are focusing on the Bornean orangutan, the Malayan sun bear and the Asian pygmy elephant. These are all species that are classified as ‘threatened’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (giving rise to the ‘Red’ in REACT) is the most comprehensive and respected inventory of species at risk.

These are ‘umbrella species’; species that require large areas of land. Conserving these animals means that other species that share the same habitat are also protected. For example, an orangutan requires anything from 1 to 30 Km2 of land (though their territories may overlap), or a Sun bear can range from 10Km2 to 25 Km2. By protecting orangutans, sun bears and elephants, you help to protect thousands of other species of amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, plants and other species live.

Here are three examples of how people have connected to endangered animals thanks to REACT:

  • Tree planting in England’s largest native reforestation project
  • Running a half marathon to fundraise money for Bornean orangutans and Sun bears
  • Volunteering in Borneo in an orangutan rescue centre