REACT Philosophy

It is our belief that one person can make a difference. REACT is a way for people to become involved in a cause they are passionate about by contributing their time, energy and money to become better informed, help raise awareness and contribute directly to conservation.

REACT achieves this by developing meaningful projects and creating channels to help those projects. Some people may choose to make a direct donation or set up a fundraising event, others may work at a project, younger people might choose to join an education project, or experienced professionals may volunteer their skills.

The projects themselves are developed following the principles of sustainability. REACT works with local Government and communities as much as we help animals. Social and economic solutions are important in creating successful environmental outcomes. It is essential that local people understand the importance of their environmental heritage and can benefit from it.

Charity Objective

REACT is an incorporated charity under UK law, charity registration number 1136449 with the Charity Commission, and company number 7089652 with Companies House. Our constitution requires us to fulfill the following charity objective:

“To promote the preservation and conversation of endangered species, and to advance the education of the public in these areas, by providing, arranging and assisting volunteer-based wildlife and conservation projects.”

How REACT was formed

The founder, Guillaume Feldman, worked in Asia for six years and set up and developed a number of volunteer programmes with orangutans, elephants, sun bears and turtles. Most notably, Guillaume started the Great Orangutan Project and set up orangutan projects in Matang Wildlife Centre (a rescue centre managed by Sarawak Forestry Corporation), Zoo Negara (the Malaysian national zoo), Samboja Lestari (a reforestation and rescue centre run by BOS), and the Kinabatangan in Sabah (a project helping wild populations).

Additionally, Guillaume was part of the team that developed the amazing Wild at Heart education programmes which has attracted some of the world’s most prestigious international schools.

In 2009, Guillaume started REACT. This has allowed more people to become more involved in these projects and contribute even more. Being a charity has allowed us to tap into grants and donations that were never available before and strengthen the conservation outcomes whilst remaining true to the spirit of collaborative and inclusive conservation.