Camera traps are an incredibly useful conservation tools. They allow us to monitor forests to discover what animals are there, whether humans are having a negative impact (for instance hunting in an area), and when we’ve released animals, they allow us to keep an eye on them from afar. We are currently looking to fundraise five camera traps for three of our project sites: ancient woodland project in the UK, a forest restoration site in Borneo, and a animal release site in Borneo.

The camera trap we are fundraising for is called the Bushnell Trophy Cam XLT. It offers such features as lightning fast trigger speed, ‘flash free’ night vision infrared technology, up to 6 month battery life, and a full colour built-in image display. This is perfect for the type of photography we need to carry out.

Along with the camera trap itself, we are also looking to purchase the security casing as shown above. This stops animals and humans from ripping the camera from a tree, and protects it from the elements. The total price for one camera, the security casing and posting to the project is £260.