At 1am, on Friday the 27th July, an electrical fault sparked a fire that burned down two local community houses along the Kinabatangan River, in Sukau, Malaysian Borneo. These families had been working for several years with REACT, and our local partner organisation APE, to help with tree planting, and education and volunteer programmes. We are committed to helping local community members that support conservation of endangered animals and our programmes, and we are therefore fundraising for these fire victims.

Their houses were completely burned to the ground, leaving nothing but ashes. These families lost everything, including their livelihoods. One family, with 6 children, earned their money from ferrying tourists around the Kinabatangan River for wildlife viewing and from fishing. The other family, with 4 children and 3 grandchildren, earn their living from cooking for tourists and volunteers. We would like to fundraise enough money to give them a new boat and outboard engine, as well as a new stive and cooking utensils – this will cost £2,000. Any additional money will be used to buy clothes, school stationery and books, mattresses, and even contribute towards the rebuild of new houses.