When we think of deforestation, we naturally think of the Amazon rainforest burning, and remember statistics such as an area the size of Wales is destroyed every year. How many of us actually think about our own back yard, and realise that the UK is massively deforested and has been for hundreds of years?

The Woodland Trust brought out a report entitled “The State of the UK’s Forests, Woods and Trees” in 2011 where they confirm that the UK is one of the least forested countries in Europe: from complete forest cover to only 13% forest in 2011! And that figure is misleading since only 2.3% is actually ancient woodland (400 years or older – the most biodiverse habitat in the UK and home to many endangered species)! And it gets worse since only half of that 2.3% is actually good ancient woodland, the rest having being trashed due to commercial logging operations, so really only 1.1% is real ancient woodland.

Imagine if the Amazon was 98.9% destroyed!

REACT is therefore committed to creating new woodland and restoring degraded ancient woodland in the UK.